Replay- Knowledge/Self Improvement Area Space messages?


This is our last call and we are ‘BRINGING it ALL together. How does the 5th Dimension (Enlightenment Evolution) Expansion fit in? The space you are living in – that you call home – holds the key!   How does the Knowledge/Self Improvement area of your space support the 5D journey? Watch Replay or listen here Continue Reading →

Feeling uneasy in your own home? Tune in to find out what you can do about it!

man looking under sofa cushion

Our spaces and environments mirror what is going on inside of us. If we are blocked, they are too. So many people are struggling physically, emotionally and financially, and they never give thought to the part that their space is playing in their struggles – or the part their space could play in releasing those Continue Reading →

How do you flow energy, masculine, feminine or both?


Stop struggling with your old identity and move into the NEW You which is the TRUE You! Are the roles in your relationship switched around?  As a  female with masculine energy are you constantly trying to conquer aspects of your self that are keeping you in survival mode?  Are you a male with more feminine Continue Reading →

Do you know your Intuitive Gifts?


What is that?   I’m sure you have experienced that gnawing feeling you in the pit of your stomach, the sense or thought about someone or something before it happens, visions and dead people talking to you etc….the ‘stuff ‘no one was talking about when I was growing up in the 70′s/80′s.  When they did, Continue Reading →

Customize Awakening!


Are you an entrepreneur? A teacher? And intuitive healer? And advocate? A visionary? What is your soul’s purpose energy? This series has been fe-nominal and we have one more session to go?  Are you ready to Learn about the Phases of Evolution:                           Continue Reading →

Academy for the Soul – Soulstice Event


  Nu day Magical One, I’ve got an invitation for you to a very Soul-ful event coming up. It’s being put on by Academy for the Soul – the online School for Intuitive arts. I love everything the Academy puts on because they really strive to create an Amazing experience for everyone. I think you’ll Continue Reading →

Stress-less Days Ahead

Stress-less,Time to Reclaim your POWER!!!

  Nu Day Glorious One, The last few months have been consistently inconsistently in many areas of my life and yet it all makes so much sense, to ME. Maybe not to others and that’s okay too! I choose to release judgement of myself and just let it ‘just’ be right now.  I AM learning to TRUST the INNER Guidance Continue Reading →

Unleash Your Inner Millionaire Teleconference

“Don't worry about a thing,every little thing is gonna be alright”

  Awaken your ability to achieve Wealth, Prosperity, & Success by Reprogramming your subconscious Mind with Felicia Muhammad, Certified Awakening Dynamics Instructor. Warning** This is NOT your typical LAW of ATTRACTION material that gets you all excited about saying affirmations that you DO NOT believe! Instead you will get 100% of BOTH your Conscious and Continue Reading →

Morning Inspiration! What Inspired you this morning?


What Inspires  you  this Magical Monday Morning?

What is #HLIC Movie Premier….Coming to a city near you!


  Myself along with other fe-nominal woman share POWERFUL  stories to inspire millions of young girls and women across the country. There is so much to experience, triumph over our trials,  setbacks,  failures and most importantly listen, feel, share our victory, comebacks and successes because we are a winners and you can be too!   Movie Continue Reading →

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