De-Stress from your Mess!!!


Nu day Magestic Ones, Thank you in advance for agreeing along time ago to have this journey with me, I AM so grateful. Relax ~ Release  Re~Charge​​ Because you are like many hard working, dedicated, under-appreciated people, you have been feeling like “it’s time to get away and re-charge,  I need to do something for myself, Continue Reading →

Working Manifestations!

2015 MA_DVD

What is your theme for this year!!! Now, many have decided that you no longer make “New Year’s Resolutions” and I get that. I to decided some years back to do the same thing. My reasoning was “why wait till January 1st to decide I’m going to make a greater effort to do what I Continue Reading →

Happy Nu You Year 2015!!!!!!


   As 2014 is now in the past, embrace the experiences…. and count it all JOY. Reflect on the progress we have made together the latter half of 2014.  Now let’s continue to shift the S.H.I.T. at an accelerated pace, uncover the you of you and be, do and have the brilliance you are destined Continue Reading →

Magnified Chakra Attunement


Are you feeling Off-balanced? Is the STRESS of day to day living/surviving weighing heavy on you? Are you just tired…..and feel like D$%@ can I get a break or better yet a BREAKTHROUGH?  Are you contemplating doing ‘that thing’ you said you would never do again? Your 7 Chakra Centers Activation, Clearing & Immersion Attunement Continue Reading →

Ready for Love, Expansion & Clarity?


It never ceases to amaze me, when I met people for the 1st time and can give them great insights into who they are just by knowing their 1st name.  I had the pleasure of  connecting with some fe-nominal artists at the African Fest on Labor Day weekend this year and we connected immediately.   Continue Reading →

Clarify, Uncover & Enlighten the You of you…..

If  you ‘d like to take advantage of this very special very limited and totally FREE 30 minute ”Insights into You~       Rapid Change” coaching session, fill out the questionnaire  to get started. If your’re like me, you’ve probably been on a spiritual journey since you came out the womb or at least a long long, Continue Reading →

NEW!!!!! Manifestation Affirmations DVD


After years of being asked to create affirmation DVDs, Felicia Muhammad has finally released her most effective affirmations in one DVD. Muhammad has been highly successful in helping entrepreneurs be 100% accountable for their actions and create spiritual awakenings that take them to higher levels of success. Now, she has created an additional tool that Continue Reading →

What you put in your Mouth Effects everything!


Hair Revitalization & Weight Release Workshop! Wellnesshead2toe~Insideout Every pain, injury, poor hair health, hairloss or health challenge is a signal from your higher self to alert you that something in your life has to change….why not make that change quickly and easily with the Formula for Miracles- Rise Above Emotions- Debug your Subconscious & Spiritual Eating Anaylsis. Last Continue Reading →

Manifesting Money and Releasing Money blocks” Special Guest Mu-Shemsu-t.

If you enjoyed the Blogtalk & Goggle Hangout Series, you love the Live Healing experience these  have to share. Experience P.O.W.E.R.-Ful Women- SAGES and from different communities across this world, celebrating WOMB RESURRECTION! Our 1st LIVE Workshop will focus on ”Manifesting Money and Releasing Money blocks”.With Special Guest Mu-Shemsu-t.  You will experience practical tools and tips to Continue Reading →

Day 8- Mu-Shemsut- Part 2-Sacred Womb (As Above So Below) RES-Sur-Rection


  Thursday, May 1st Sage Mu-Shemsu-t (Rita Stewart) Part 2 Join us Blogtalk Radio GUEST CALL-IN (347) 857-2564       Order Now

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