Unleash Your Inner Millionaire Teleconference

“Don't worry about a thing,every little thing is gonna be alright”

  Awaken your ability to achieve Wealth, Prosperity, & Success by Reprogramming your subconscious Mind with Felicia Muhammad, Certified Awakening Dynamics Instructor. Warning** This is NOT your typical LAW of ATTRACTION material that gets you all excited about saying affirmations that you DO NOT believe! Instead you will get 100% of BOTH your Conscious and Continue Reading →

Morning Inspiration! What Inspired you this morning?


What Inspires  you  this Magical Monday Morning?

What is #HLIC Movie Premier….Coming to a city near you!


  Myself along with other fe-nominal woman share POWERFUL  stories to inspire millions of young girls and women across the country. There is so much to experience, triumph over our trials,  setbacks,  failures and most importantly listen, feel, share our victory, comebacks and successes because we are a winners and you can be too!   Movie Continue Reading →

Seeing Clearly ‘the cycle of creation’


  De-Stress from YOUR Mess…. Seeing Clearly ‘the cycle of creation’   Who created this mess you need to De-Stress from? What role does environment play? Is Stress good or bad and what does it really mean?   “When you become aware…Then you can create change and execute your will with Higher Will Power”- C. Continue Reading →

You make yourself Sick!


As seen in: St. Croix Avis Newspaper I remember in elementary school, playing with other children on the playground and all of sudden I hear  “you make me sick”.  Yet many of us fail to consider, it is in fact our own-self that is at the root cause of our sickness. Many of the emotions Continue Reading →

De-Stress from your Mess!!!


Nu day Magestic Ones, Thank you in advance for agreeing along time ago to have this journey with me, I AM so grateful. Relax ~ Release  Re~Charge​​ Because you are like many hard working, dedicated, under-appreciated people, you have been feeling like “it’s time to get away and re-charge,  I need to do something for myself, Continue Reading →

Working Manifestations!

2015 MA_DVD

What is your theme for this year!!! Now, many have decided that you no longer make “New Year’s Resolutions” and I get that. I to decided some years back to do the same thing. My reasoning was “why wait till January 1st to decide I’m going to make a greater effort to do what I Continue Reading →

Happy Nu You Year 2015!!!!!!


   As 2014 is now in the past, embrace the experiences…. and count it all JOY. Reflect on the progress we have made together the latter half of 2014.  Now let’s continue to shift the S.H.I.T. at an accelerated pace, uncover the you of you and be, do and have the brilliance you are destined Continue Reading →

Magnified Chakra Attunement


Are you feeling Off-balanced? Is the STRESS of day to day living/surviving weighing heavy on you? Are you just tired…..and feel like D$%@ can I get a break or better yet a BREAKTHROUGH?  Are you contemplating doing ‘that thing’ you said you would never do again? Your 7 Chakra Centers Activation, Clearing & Immersion Attunement Continue Reading →

Ready for Love, Expansion & Clarity?


It never ceases to amaze me, when I met people for the 1st time and can give them great insights into who they are just by knowing their 1st name.  I had the pleasure of  connecting with some fe-nominal artists at the African Fest on Labor Day weekend this year and we connected immediately.   Continue Reading →

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