De-Stress from your Mess!!!

De-Stress from your Mess!!!
April 9, 2015 No Comments Alchemy,Business,Finances,Life,Nutrition,Outer Beauty,Spirituality/Ascension Felicia Muhammad

Nu day Magestic Ones,

Thank you in advance for agreeing along time ago to have this journey with me, I AM so grateful.
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Relax ~ Release  Re~Charge​​

Because you are like many hard working, dedicated, under-appreciated people, you have been feeling like “it’s time to get away and re-charge,  I need to do something for myself, That’s it, maybe I need to step back and re-access somethings, let’s see where I am going this year” or  Universal God/Creator/Source has been working on you , in you and with you  and has said, “Go../Do It, I am with you, IT Is time to Walk out on Faith” on a whole new level. And you are scared to death. Well, that last part was me 6 months ago…​

Well, as life would have it, I was experiencing major shifts & releasing of my own &#!%.  You see, over the last  few years, in particular, I‘ve made some decisions that caused me to be put in positions that I didn’t like or understand at times; yet, as I decided to be honest with myself about my &#!%, accept responsibility for my actions, stop doing things the way “they” say I should do them, ‘let go’ of some of the limiting beliefs and dysfunctional relationships with people, places, and things, greater opportunities began to be OPEN to me. Hence, my Divinely guided journey to the Magestic Virgin Islands.  While here, I meet many people now living here from the
Midwest, who too were drawn here on ‘their own’ Spiritual Experience and a few locals  actively seeking and longing for something greater for themselves.
As I began to provide complimentary sessions to the locals, the need to support and help people was expanded.

When I returned to Chicago, I was inspired to share my experience with like-heart & mind persons who understand the P.O.W.E.R of Oneness and are STRESSED the heck out trying to Live, Serve and Be better people in Life and Business and ready to DE-STRESS and so can you!

What are you waiting on? Join us and find the support system you have been wanting to assist you with practical tool, tips, & processes you can do to experience…

Instant Relief from being Overwhelmed
Maintain a level Head in trying situations
•heightened Self awareness
•joy in your day to day life
Dis-ease free  Body & Mind
Stress -less Love Life
Repeat business because you are much easier to deal with
•balance Spirit/MInd, Body, Family, Finances & Society, love relating, Live Food Demonstration & more……

And… Less:

•emotional high’s and lows,
•unworthiness, drama, ego-control issues, comfort eating, arguing, no money, woe is me…blah blah blah


June 11th Thursday                 6 pm-9 pm
Welcome & Meet/Greet

June 12th Friday         6 am-9 am                                                         Meditation, Yoga, Exercise, Journaling (Beach)

                                           10 am-2 pm  @ Galleon Restaurant                               Fe-nominal Fe, Chef Lynda, Mu-Shemsu-t

                                            3:15-5:00                                                                          Spa  & Energy Services

                                                      5:30-7:30                                                       Dinner

                     June 14th Sunday                  

 6 am-9 am
Meditation, Yoga (Azizya) Beach

10 am-2 pm@ Galleon Restaurant                                   Ana Guitiezz, Chez’Sherron, Amber McDowell

3:15-5:00     Spa & Energy Services (Beach)

5:30-7:30      Dinner


June 16th Tuesday  (All White)

 6 am-9 am         Meditation, Dance with Ifa, Tai Massage  (Beach)                                                                                             10 am-2 pm    @ Galleon RestaurantFe-nominal Fe, Olu Massey, Azizya Shabazz

3:15-5:00 pm       Spa Services & Energy Services

5:30- 7:30

**7:30- 9:00            Fire Meditation with Olu on the Beach

June 17th Wednesday            7AM-12 NOON     @Beach                               Closing Ceremony

 ***Schedule is subject to change based on circumstances***


Fe-nominal Felicia, Spiritual Life & Biz S.H.I.T. Shifter, Entrepreneur, OWL Healer, Awakening Dynamics Instructor                                                                                      Rise Above Emotions-“You Stress yourself out”

Chef Lynda, Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts (Austin, TX) in Classical Vegetarianism, Macrobiotics, Raw & Living Foods, Veganism, and Ayurveda.                             “A Balanced Life”

Mu-Shemsu-t, CEO Master Force Academy,Transformation Leader, The MARV Technique™, eLearning Platform Creating your CIRCLE  of Wealth”

Ana Guitierrez, Cancer Survivor, Entrepreneur, Marathon Champion “Experience the Healing Power of Oxygen (Air) Food (Earth) & Water: Cancer Cells in Check! “

 Chez Sherron Carlos, Savvy Mo’ Money Strategist, Farmer &  Land Acquisitioner “Inner Growth-The Secret… Gift”

Olu Massey El Jr., D.N, HIV & Substance Abuse Counselor  “Healing Power of Earth Elements: Herbs every household should have!”

Aziyza Shabazz, Energy Therapist & Personal Coach                     Cravings & Hormones: “What I want vs. What My body needs….hmm”

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Felicia Muhammad Felicia Muhammad, Author of forthcoming book “You are All Over the Place” One Women’s Journey to F.O.C.U.S (Finally Overcoming Consistent Unconscious Self Sabotage is a multi-passionate, healer, s.h.i.t shifter & intuitive entrepreneur who helps women and men along their paths to inner & outer personal transformation. She works as a teacher/speaker + healer+ beauty+ life+business coach, & the founder of Experience the P.O.W.E.R. ™ (People Organized With Evolving Responsibility) of Oneness Transformation series. Certification include and not limited to: ~ Oneness Wellness Lifestyle© Executive Coach ~Awakening Dymamics Instructor aka Formula For Miracles© Practitioner ~ ANCAR 2000© Breath Facilitator ~Magnified Healing Facilitator ~ EMF Universal Calibration Lattice Level 1-4 Practitioner ~ Body Talk Access As a woman of many parts who possesses the gift of connecting people with like minds & hearts, Felicia has also dedicated a good portion of her life to providing Business Success systems support to “Newbi-prenuers©”, struggling Entrepreneur’s, healers, Naturopaths, Trichologists and a host of other businesses. In short, Felicia is here to harmoniously touch every area of your life, assist you in the Evolution of your most authentic, purpose-driven self, and to show you how you can work with The Creator of all that is, to co-create your life & business exactly the way you want it to be. Because when you are truly free to accept your own and be yourself, everything you choose is possible. The question is who is your-self? Are you ready to experience ➢ How to clear subconscious developmental traumas that are at the root of most problems with health and money ➢ Learn how your “Body Talks” ➢ How to “B the Love” you are looking for ➢ Learn how to eat the foods that Love you! ➢ Clean, activate & balance your chakras ➢ Know your purpose life purpose and the pathway to achieve it ➢ Build Business on an “awaken” principle for the enlightened age- creating WiN WiN situations for the highest good of all involved. ➢ Collaborate with like-minded, heart-centered *Movement Makers & ➢ more When Felicia isn’t transforming people’s lives publicly, she is doing it privately through her successful Oneness Wellness Lifestyles© and Wellnesshead2toe-InsideOut™ business. Work with Coach Fe: ➢ One –on- One ➢ Private VIP Days ➢ Group Coaching Sessions ➢ Movement Makers (B2B Collaborations) ………………………..In person and Remotely Felicia is available to speak about holistic health, personal transformation, and authenticity at your next live event. To book Felicia for speaking engagements, send your request to To work with Felicia for intuitive guidance for re-creating a your NuLife© in health, business, or creative collaborations email us at If you’re a naturopath or healer in the Chicago, Charlotte, Atlanta area and you’d like Felicia to help you get your business in front of more eyes, send your request to support@powerof1ness.