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What MESSAGE does the Knowledge/Self Improvement area of your home say about you?

Are you uplifted, energized or dragged down and exhausted?

You are feeling, on a conscious or a subconscious level, the energetic choas that accumulated in your "Knowledge/Self Improvement" area. 

This is our last call and we are 'BRINGING it ALL together. How does the 5th Dimension (Enlightenment Evolution) Expansion fit in?

The space you are living in – that you call home – holds the key!

Our spaces and environments mirror what is going on inside of us. If we are blocked, they are too. So many people are struggling physically, emotionally and financially, and they never give thought to the part that their space is playing in their struggles – or the part their space could play in releasing those struggles!

I believe that society has instilled in us that ‘stuff’ will make us happy… So we go about unconsciously gathering lots of ‘stuff’ and stuff it into our living spaces – not realizing that we are being impacted by it! By clearing your space, you can create clarity about your life and a higher vibration to live in and move forward on your path!


Testimonies from previous calls:

Wow, I am crying now... It was so beautiful and intense! They gave me so much love , so many gifts...and begged me to receive them and end up with the past and the karma. My Heart chakra is still wide open. ~Soni Canada

YES! Awesome Thank You! That is VERY helpful!! I've been feeling that I need to get rid of it!! WOW the water piece is phenomenal great insight, Thank You! so much! Blessings! - A. H




About Deb:

Deb Regan, CHHC, is an uplifting Holistic Life coach, specializing in vibrational transformation and empowerment of people and spaces. A dynamic change agent, teacher and speaker, Deb offers profound and powerful insights to clients around the world, using her abilities to bring awareness and enlightenment to every soul she touches.

Deb specializes in working with spaces and inanimate objects because they act as mirrors to our inner landscape and help us make shifts that we would not do on our own. She invites you to join her in shifting and harmonizing the chaotic energy that is deeply impacting you at an energetic level.

Deb also is a Certified Intuitive Strategist and serves on the faculty of the well-known Academy for the Soul, the only online school for the Intuitive Arts.

What are you waiting on?........Join us LIVE with your questions!

How can your Space support your journey to Enlightentment?
 Find out now...
Tuesday, 2nd
At 12:00 PM

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