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What do you understand about LOVE, and/or are you jaded? Think, how you feel about it..

Clarity around the dynamics of how you experience love with the lessons learned and/or learning....hmmmm

It's time call #2

Focus on Family /Environment Pillar: Balance

What are your (self) Love Signals..... Are you haphazardly accepting the goodness- No, the Divine-ness- of how your are created? ***The intent of presenting this series now is because tomorrow is not promised to you. Are you honoring the gift(s) God/Universe/Prime Source/Mighty I AM Presence/The Divine/The All in All have deposited with every cell, fiber of your being?  


What is your expression of Self Love to yourself 1st? When is it present? Who introduced you the concept of Self-Love? Where does Self Love begin for you? Why is Self Love significant? Imagine, How different is your life when you fully embody Self Love?

Do you feel like Love has let you down? 


What do you need to feel at peace?

Discover your true self and how to accept all the parts of you.  

In the series you will learn your value and worth; as well as how to nourish and heal yourself.


About Audrey Gardner:

I am a retired nurse, who has always felt a connection to energy and Spirit.  As I started to realize my gifts and the unique way I move energy; these talents began to intensify and heighten to the point that I am considered a Psychic Medium, Intuitive Strategist and able to share my gifts to help others.

Love, which is necessary for everybody to exist, is why we are here. And if you have self- love, you are open and connected to the universe and Source. Once we have connected the body the mind and the spirit, Spirit guides us and that is what we all wish to achieve. Love brings you back to the Master. It allows you to be happy and at peace with yourself without judgment. Love allows you to open up. It creates space for balance and harmony


Take the bars off  your heart!

Love Again, the time is now!

Thursday The 4th
At 12:00 PM

I AM Ready!
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