Your Emotions & Money:

The ♥CURE-ency♥ to #Dysfunctional Relationships 

The POWER and COST of Dysfunctional Relationships!

Nu Day!

What does shame, guilt, fear, anger, sadness, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, hate, insecurity, and poverty COST you?  

If all you could do on this call is transform (change) ONE of these emotions, would that be of Value to you?  

Think about it....

NOW,  What are some of the beneftis of tuning in?
~ Self Worth Increase
~ Discover you are not alone
~ Experience closure from Relationships which no longer serve you
~ Increased money flow~Breakthrough 
~ Stress Released
~ How to Create what you need on demand
~ more....

Join us and bring a friend

With joy, 


Ready to balance the books on Dysfunction?  I have the Cure for you.

Tuesday, 1st
At 6:00 PM Cst/7:00 EST/4 PST

I AM Ready!
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